Mobile Units

When You Need To Go To The Consumers

Clickit mobile units are truly mobile, with no monopod, or cumbersome equipment to carry.  Comprised of a small mobile tablet unit and SLR camera, our mobile units offer the best quality, with the robust nature of our proprietary telemetry systems.   Unlike other solutions in the field that rely on tablets to take photos which can often times be blurry, out of focus, or just low quality in low light situations, our SLR based mobile units always produce high quality, sharp photos regardless of the scenario.  With a full autofocus and zoom high quality lensing system with real Xenon flash component, the mobile Clickit unit produces photo quality that will portray your brand on the Internet with quality.
The Clickit mobile units all have advanced telemetry systems that log all activities from the moment that the unit is turned on, until the moment it turns off.   This helps Clickit to provide the most up time, and error free activation as possible.   It is instrumental in solving any field issues during activation, and allows us to guarantee a 0% photo loss due to technology or equipment failure. 

Clickit is committed to delivering the best solution for the right budget.  We have several options in our state of the art toolset.  If you have a need for enhancing your digital connection with your consumers, let us put together a strategy to help.

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