Stationary Units

Clickit stationary units are flexible, high end SLR-Based photo units used for various types of high volume event photo activations. Tripod based, these units are typically touch screen tablet based with visual and audible queues to ensure that activation is easy and error-free. The Clickit stationary setup is the core of our Green Screen and Print-on-Site Offerings, as well as a solution often levereaged when clients want a high quality photo takeaway where they have a celebrity or professional backdrop for the photo op. The Clickit stationary units all have advanced telemetry systems that log all activities from the moment that the unit is turned on, until the moment it turns off. This helps Clickit to provide the most up time, and error free activation as possible. It is instrumental in solving any field issues during activation, and allows us to guarantee a 0% photo loss due to technology or equipment failure. Clickit stationary units can be used in any situation, whether real time connectivity to the Internet is available or not. If available, photos are synchronized with the server in real time and are available for retrieval in seconds. If connectivity is not available, all photos will be queued in our store and forward setup and will automatically synchronize when a connection is available.

Clickit is committed to delivering the best solution for the right budget.  We have several options in our state of the art toolset.  If you have a need for enhancing your digital connection with your consumers, let us put together a strategy to help.

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