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Clickit can build a system to meet your core capture needs.

Clickit is well-known for our ability to build and deploy custom event photo and video marketing capture solutions for some of the most marquee world events over the past 10 years.   From the Beatbox at the Summer Olympics in London, to several Superbowl activations.  From the MTV music awards to the ESPYs, and Verizon’s Training Ground pavilion at NFLX to the FIFA World Trophy Tour. Clickit has built solutions for some of the most recognizable, high volume/visibility venues and events in the world.   

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We mix real world events with digital properties

We have designed and accommodated physical print on site solutions that handled in excess of 10,000 people per day with one photo op location for the FIFA Trophy Tour, deployed in over 86 countries.  We provided mobile, fixed and green screen solutions for the entire Coca-Cola sponsorship of the London Games in 2012 spanning the 18 months leading up to and including the Olympic activations at the Beatbox.   We were responsible for the entire data capture and photo and video platform that handled the entire throughput for the Verizon Training Ground at the Kick off and NFLX events in 2010 and 2011.

Clickit is committed to delivering the best solution for the right budget.  We have several options in our state of the art toolset.  If you have a need for enhancing your digital connection with your consumers, let us put together a strategy to help. 

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