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High volume video capture systems

Clickit's mobile video stations are the best way to capture short video vignettes at events for online retrieval.  Whether integrated into photo booths or by themselves in a self standing tripod base, Clickit video stations are very easy to use and very popular at events.  Our video solutions make video marketing an achievable option for any event, great for capturing shorts from ten seconds to two minutes. 

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Video capture booths and wall mounted systems available

Because Clickit is one of the most established event data capture providers in the world. We offer a multi operating platform that allows us to design and activate a system that meets your goals. We have over 12 years experience working with clients and consumers to find the right blend of questions and personal data captured at multiple point of the activation.

Clickit is committed to delivering the best solution for the right budget.  We have several options in our state of the art toolset.  If you have a need for enhancing your digital connection with your consumers, let us put together a strategy to help. 

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